myGallery 1.0

The first myGallery was myGallery 1.0, the first release can be found here: Feel free to use the gallery and modify it. There is some issue with IE and opening the main pic.  I’m sure it’s a simple thing but it isn’t fixed in the tgz.

myGallery 2.0

Recently I revamped myGallery to the new version 2.0, you can take a look at it here:

I have a tar of the gallery directory, complete with example photos.  The gallery still uses the convert program from imagemagick, so make sure you install it before running  As of Feb 09, you have to upload the photo directory and run the convert script manually.

To install: Unzip somewhere

To make new gallery: Copy photos to photo/ with a new sub-directory, like photos/mycoolphotos.  On the command line, navigate to the new directory (e.g. photos/mycoolphotos) and run ‘sh ../‘.  This will call the script and make the myGallery structure.

To edit gallery data: The default login for myGallery2 is user:admin pass:changeme123.  The username and pass can be changed in the checklogin.php file.  I suggest putting the php md5 result in the variables, rather than clear text. All general gallery info (like title) is stored in the configs/site.conf file in the install path.


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