What is a BitBox?

papertapeAs soon as I got myBitBox.com my friend asked ‘Sounds cool, but what is a bitbox?’. Well the original site I wanted was something with Bit Bucket in the URL but all the cool URLs with Bit Bucket were taken.

Back in the days of computer punch cards and paper tape, when the paper was punched out with a program, the ‘holes’ would fall into a bucket or box. Since nobody wants tons of ‘ones’ or ‘zeros’ all over the floor they were caught in a bit box. Since we don’t use tape today the bit box has gone the way of the Dodo but every now and then I hear one of the older more experience guys refer to the bit bucket. Since i make a lot of random stuff  (most of it just for kicks) this site is the catch all for my creations rather than the trash.

About the author

I go by s1axter online,  I’m a computer engineer with a passion for anything that has an electrical circuit. I made myBitBox.com to host my stuff and be a personal blog…that’s it, no real higher purpose. Originally the idea for the site was to host projects, but since more stuff gets half done than fully done I guess I’ll just make this my main blog about I stuff.

My Position:
Embedded software engineer for a startup hybrid electric vehicle company in Boulder, CO (http://eetrex.com)
My Job:
Write embedded code in C and Assembly for PIC/AVR/Freescale processors for battery management systems and power electronics
Working on my Volkswagens (yes plural), DIY projects, software, playing with Linux distros, guitar, finding new music (rock, post-hardcore, pop punk)

I was born and engineer. I took my first summer course in circuits (mostly 555 circuits) when I was like 8. I’ve had a box of parts and broken stuff since about then. When I was in High School I fixed the school computers and helped write the curriculum for an electronics and robotics course. I also converted a ’92 VW cabriolet to be an electric vehicle and participated in two road rallies (teamev.com).

I went to Clarkson University and have a BS in Computer Engineering. Since then I’ve lived in all four time zones in the US, spent time in Southern California, went to Japan for business, learned about electronics manufacturing, and worked as a test engineer. Now I reside in Colorado, just outside Denver. I also maintain and run geeksinside.com. The only real computer games I play are Guitar Hero and Quake 3.

If you have a question, send it to s1axter@geeksinside.com

That’s about it

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