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So I got a GoPro this Christmas for skiing.  Yesterday I took some footage on the mountain, including some time lapse shots which I wanted to stitch together to make a sped-up video.  I’ve used ffmpeg a bunch, so I knew it could do the job.  There isn’t much to making a movie from the images, and the following command works pretty good.  The only tricky part was the GoPro doesn’t start all timelapses at G0020001.JPG, mine was at G0020069.JPG. The timelapse setting was one picture every 0.5 sec and the output is 10 fps.  The GoPro still are also 4000×3000, so I convert them to 1920×1080 to match the video frame size, this adds a little distortion but still looks pretty good.

ffmpeg.exe -f image2 -r 10 -start_number 69 -i G002%04d.JPG -vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt yuvj420p -s 1920×1080 out.mp4

The 10 fps had some weird conflicts with my editor, so 29.97 fps might work better.

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